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Process Heaters – Download Brochure

ak waughWe supply a wide range of process heating equipment, dealing with major companies and supplying nearly every country in the world. We are regularly consulted by clients on the subject of handling of fuel oils.

Equipment illustrated is available for use with oil, chemicals and water. Industries served include power generation, vehicle manufacture, glass manufacture and, of course, in Scotland, whisky distilling.

We are often called upon to use our specialised knowledge to solve heating problems for many different fluids, from animal fat to sodium hydroxide.

We also supply complete heater systems comprising pumps, filters and pipework. All this equipment is compliant with the EC Pressure Equipment Directive and various national standards.

Equipment is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:200❑ and we welcome inspection by DNV, Lloyds etc. Flameproof (Eex”d”) Immersion, Outflow and In-Line heaters are available. The name A.K.Waugh Limited is synonymous with good traditional engineering design.

For further information on the Process Heater products contact us on Tel: 0044(0)1414405775 or