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Bitumen Filling Station

Bitumen Filling Station with High/Low Level Alarms sold to Lagans/Whitemountain Temple Quarry

Rotary Dryer supplied to Mid Cork Quarries

8M x 1.6M Rotary Dryer supplied to McSweeney Bros/Mid Cork Quarries Ltd @ Kilmichael, Co Cork

Rotary Dryer to Mid Cork Quarries

Cormac Low Energy Bitumen Tank supplied

Cormac low energy Bitumen Tank supplied to Kerry Tarmacadam/McSweeney Bros Listowel, Co Kerry

Kerry Tarmacadam Listowel

DPS Wheel Wash

DPS Wheel Wash with optional overhead spray bar supplied to Miskelly Bros/Conexpo at Ballygowan Quarry.

DPS Wheel Wash

Welding Alloys Automated MIG

A Welding Alloys automated MIG welding machine supplied to Crane Stockham Valve Ltd in Belfast. H Frame & Turntable to hardface Valves, Discs and Stems with Stellite and other materials.

Welding Alloys Automated MIG