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About Us

“Morgan Industrial Ltd was formed in November 1991 as a Distributor of market leading Capital Equipment and Welding Consumables to the Quarrying and Engineering Industries throughout Ireland.”

Quarrying Industry

Cormac Engineering-Bitumen Storage Tanks, Pumps, Valves, Pipework, Rotary Dryers, Hot Storage, Cold Feed Bins and Marini Asphalt Plants.

Drilling & Pumping Supplies

Fixed and Mobile Wheel Wash Systems for Sale/Rent. Dust Suppression for Crushing & Screening Plants, Roadways and Stockpiles.

Engineering Industry

Welding Alloys range of Cored Welding Wires for Joining/Cladding/Hardfacing. Automated Welding Machines digitally controlled with Multiple Motorised Axes to suit patterns such as Chevron, External, Flat, Sine Wave, Spiral, Internal Rotary and Helix.

Weartech International

Cobalt & Nickel Hardfacing Alloys in Rods, Electrodes and Powders. Nickel and Cobalt Wear Resistant Castings in Centrifugal, Lost Wax, Sand Castings and Wrought Bars.

Durum Hardfacing

Tungsten Carbide Powders/Wires in PTA, Laser Cladding and Thermal Spray. Also Manufacturers of PTA Machines.